"As a little girl, I dreamed of the day I would have something important to write in a planner"
25 years later!  Hi, I am Lynda and I am a self confessed planner-holic.
My love of planning and stationary started young. I hoarded notebooks, pens and anything paper related. Ok not toilet roll. But yes leaflets, toy magazines, trash really, and for no apparent reason or at least not one I could rationally explain. In 2017, laid up after a kidney transplant, gifted to me by my wonderful husband, I found the planner community, my people and well, never looked back.

I started with bullet journaling and being really creative, however I found myself constantly stuck for ideas, and paralyzed by wanting perfection. If I missed a day of tracking or messed up a page, I was thrown off for the week. Enter: The Ring and Happy Planner. Where had they been all my life. Removable pages, fully customized layouts and if my perfectionist persona came along, she was satisfied knowing that a messed up page could easily be removed or replaced. Planner Peace at last. Ok I'm not sure planner peace exists, but lets pretend it does for now so my husband doesn't read this and still realize I'm spending money on planner stuff. 

Time is so precious and scheduling time is important to ensure we get the most out of life. Being the best version of ourselves, for not only ourselves but our family and friends make life worth living. Spending time improving yourself, is time well spent in my opinion. In 2019, I founded The Rosey Life Planner with the goal of helping women utilize time in a productive, motivational and creative way yet still emphasizing the importance of self care. A planner should inspire you to use it, it should be personal, functional and above all motivate the hell out of you. Every planner should encourage you to hop out of bed in the morning, put on those boss pants and slay the day. This is the aim of our shop, our foundation comes from these fundamentals.

March 2022 , The Rosey Life Planner is now my full-time job. I'm loving every moment. My customers & planner community are just the best. I am so grateful for every order we receive. Whether it be for one or twenty items, it all counts & allows me to live my dream of fulfilling my mission in life, for that I can't thank you all enough.

Browse, take a look around & I hope you come across something that makes your planner as unique & beautiful as you are.

I'd love to hear from you, whether it be a question about our products or just to say hi, I'm all ears!

Forever Grateful,