2023 | ADVENT CALENDAR BOX | 25 Days of Planner Goodies | I Love Myself Enough To.... |

€129.95 EUR

| STANDARD SHIPPING INCLUDED | SHIPS: 5-7th November | Order Alone Please

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Box theme - I Love Myself Enough To.....

Exclusive to The Rosey Life Planner Shop, This box is all about making your health, your finances, self care and dreams a priority. We are so excited to put together 25 beautifully wrapped gifts for you or your loved one to open throughout the month of December. One for everyday of Christmas including Christmas day. How exciting right? These boxes are also the perfect gift for anyone you know that just loves planning. We will also be opening one gift from the box each day of December with you on our Instagram account as we did last year and we would love you to join us again. It's going to be an exciting Christmas this year for sure.

Last year we noticed some customers didn't prefer to open one gift at a time, so we have added the un wrapped version too, so if you prepare the items to come without the 25 gift wrapping you can choose that option for your convivence.

This boxes contents is worth far more than its retail value in our shop. - so you save a lot by ordering the advent box rather than the items that may or may not be available after the box launch. - This box will contain at least 2 planner magnets that retail for 18.95 normally, each one. This is to give you some context - as there are 25 gifts - the box is worth substantially more bought as the advent, than separately later if there are any left over.

Please be aware we cannot do any planners bigger than a HP classic

This Listing is for ONE Advent box & it ships on 5-7th NOVEMBER.

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