€5.99 EUR

These stunning Pens are just so freaking glamorous with the detailing and colors exclusive to our shop. They are designed to be functional as a black inked ball point pen yet add a beautiful yet minimalist touch to your the overall look of your planner. They are currently available in three colors White, Rose and Nude.

If you love pink, the pink one is like that perfect shade of pink, which personally I love

This Listing is for ONE Black Ink Ballpoint Pens in your chosen color (see photos)


* Plastic
* Approx 0.6 cm thickness and height 13.5cm
* Available in 6 Colors
* Limited Stock


As a small handmade shop we do our very best to create a perfect product & honest photographing. The items you receive may vary slightly in color from the pictures due to photograph lighting, your screen /monitor settings or due to the nature of our production being 100% Handmade.

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