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Introducing Rosey Posey! This pink-obsessed planner enthusiast is a ray of sunshine with a heart as vibrant as her favorite color. Her infectious energy is as bright as her rosy locks, and she's all about spreading joy wherever she goes. With her trusty planner by her side and a dazzling array of accessories, she's the queen of gratitude, positivity, and embracing imperfection. Sure, she can sometimes be a little scatter-brained, just like the freckles on her nose, but nothing gets in the way of her mission to make the world a more colorful place! For Rosey, it's not just about stickers and schedules, it's about being part of a community of Lovelies who grow, share and support each other. 

This Listing is for ONE Sticker Sheet (in Photo) - Choose your paper


* High Quality Inkjet Print
* Sticker Paper - Premium Clear Matte or Matte ( not see -through)
* Finished Corners
* Sheet Size: approx. 8.5 X 11.5 cm - 3.5" x 4.5"

***All our materials have been carefully selected, tested and made to be aesthetic yet long-lasting and durable.


As a small handmade shop we do our very best to create a perfect product & honest photographing. The items you receive may vary slightly from the pictures due to photograph lighting, your screen /monitor settings or due to the nature of our production being 100% Handmade. This sticker collection is exclusive to the Rosey Life Planner.

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